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My name is Jeremias and I'll explain what brought this "event" to where it is now. Right now, you're probably in a state of shock, disbelief, utter outrage, and probably a bit aroused if you are at all honest with yourself. That is to be expected. The shattering of taboos can easily shake the pillars of society, and we certainly expect to shake your pillar!

  "Jeremias Hakunaka"

Recently, I watched a girl barely old enough to drive get herself off LIVE on the Internet. Later, I somehow wound up in a chat room where the topic was about that very same girl. As expected, there were arguments and opinions from every corner of the country. There was one young woman named Diane, who made a comment that caught my attention. Mike & Diane
Mike &
Diane She said that she thought the LIVE masturbation was a wonderful and amazing experience. The only problem that she has is that most people think the LIVE masturbation was beautiful ... but if a couple were shown LIVE on the Internet, in the act of having anal sex, with perhaps a little rimming - then most people would call that obscene. She finished by saying, "if I could, I would lose my "anal virginity" LIVE on the Internet, just to show that the act of ass-fucking, is just as beautiful as the solo masturbation."
I contacted Diane by email, and introduced myself. I am a web site developer and need very little encouragement to send suggestive mail to young women. I asked her if she was serious about letting the world watch, as she loses her anal virginity. I met with Diane and her boyfriend Mike (also a virgin to anal sex as well as vaginal sex), and we discussed this radical yet possibly remunerative idea. Then Diane and I had phone sex. After two weeks, Diane and Mike decided that this is something they feel cautiously passionate about, and have agreed to allow the world to follow them for the next 18 days. Every day on this web site, their lives will be chronicled in pictures and in text, as they prepare to plumb their spiritual and physical depths and make their worldwide statement of anal love, when they consummate their relationship - IN THE ASS and ON THE INTERNET


When it was revealed that, contrary to our representations, we actually made up everything here from whole cloth, and we were kicked out by our previous host, the crew at C4 didn't care about our tarnished reputation or base dreams of lucre. Instead, they felt that this site was worth keeping alive for the percentage of our profits which we offered them, because such hot ass-fucking is certain to attract lots and lots of horny geeks. The saintly folks at C4 are responsible for securing the enormous bandwidth required to bring this important issue to you. Please visit them at C4.

Due to the fact that once you see them, you will probably decide that you don't want to watch "Diane" and "Mike" having a cup of coffee together, much less engaged in an explicit act of deviant sexual behavior - all faces, names, and locations will be disguised, until the 18th day - when everything will be shown unobstructed. We hope you understand.  If you would like further information, click here.
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