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Given how the story about our shoddy attempt at pandering has overtaken the pandering itself, we've made some changes to our story in an attempt to maintain credibility among those of you who are more easily fooled, or who just aren't paying attention.

Our original plan was to put up one daily adventure at a time, giving visitors the opportunity to express their opinions at every step along the way. We believed this would have prompted tremendous discussions and opinion polls on a number of issues raised in the story such as:

  • The importance of adequate lubrication
  • Choosing a partner who isn't too obviously skanky
  • Whether a "reach-around" is mandatory for anal sex
  • Which camera angles are best for viewing fucking
  • How old is "old enough" to have plausible deniability that you thought she was legal?
  • The importance of kneepads
  • The importance of anal sex as a contraceptive measure  

Unfortunately, our lack of knowledge about the Internet caused us to go down in flames, and the only way to salvage some value out of all this publicity is to change our story radically... so that's what we're doing.

We hope you still offer your opinions each step of the way.

The other big change is the presentation of the ending of the story. We had planned a live video feed on the last day. We may in fact be able to do this, but it may turn out not to be possible. Either way, the actual script pages will be available for your perusal.

The message is just as important. The possibilities for global Internet discourse remain the same, but the story can't unfold the way we'd hoped thanks to those sanctimonious, "truth"-devoted bastards out there.

Sit back and click on and on and please share your thoughts along the way.

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