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In an effort to appear as if we're providing an educational service, the following links have been added to our site. If you know of other appropriate links that should be listed here, please forward them to our "Feedback" email address, where they will be promptly ignored unless accompanied by an offer of money.

Hot Sex -

The Letter C and the Number 4
We just can't get over how nice these folks have been to us. Whores, drugs, money - anything we wanted, it was ours. Thanks guys!

Vorblon's Safer Sex Page
Vorblon Tumakatan puts out like nobody else. His hot pages illustrate the only way we know to safely get an entire broom handle into your rectum.

Melina Gorbalatanako
If Melina put up a picture of herself on this site, you'd read every page on the off-chance that you'd learn something personal about her which would improve the chances that she'd let you fuck her, maybe even in the ass.

Related Perversions -

Tractatus Servorum
Your online source for information about the theory of sexual slavery.
Due to the fact that we like putting all of those black boxes over people's faces, and in general obscuring things for others (what can we say, it gets us hot) all faces, names, and locations will be disguised, until the 18th day - when everything will be shown unobstructed. We hope you understand.  If you would like further information, click here.
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