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Our First Anal Sex

Thanks for cumming to ourfirstanalsex.com for the story of Diane and Mike. People from around the globe, connected by a network of cables and satellites and phone lines all have access to this site and that connectivity is the power of the Internet, blah blah blah.

The purpose of this site is three-fold:

  • Defining and identifying a global, Internet community interested in discussing, learning and expressing opinions about assfucking.
  • Following the story of "Diane and Mike", two "18-year old American Honor students" who have committed to losing their anal virginity live on the Internet.
  • Raking in some cash, while pretending to not want any.

This web site is a Fake Event.   OURFIRSTANALSEX.COM portrays a fictional story that is hopefully pornographic and obscene. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR PORNOGRAPHY, YOU FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE. WE WELCOME YOU TO OURFIRSTANALSEX.COM.

Give us your opinions on the issues to be addressed in the story of "Diane and Mike" before the story begins. Keep giving us your opinions along each step of the way. Maybe your opinions will change. Maybe they won't. Maybe you will have orgasms all over your monitor. Maybe not. We hope the story is both entertaining and hot. If it is neither, both or one or the other, please let us know that as well.

- ourfirstanalsex.com

P.S. And remember: Anal sex is just like vaginal sex, except afterwards your cock may have shit on it.

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And the Story Begins...

Come and meet Diane and Mike, two 18 year old "Honor" "students" who have recently received their high school GEDs, and are looking forward to starting vocational training in the fall. They are as close to being "typical All-American" kids as you can get. Active in school and church, with a little recreational drug-use on the side. Well liked by family, friends, and their community - but sexually, they are both "anal virgins". Their lives are going to change in a typical, yet dramatic way. They are about to leave the safety of youth, accept the challenges of adulthood, and take that frightening ... but wonderful, step into adult anal sexuality. There's one big difference... they are going to let the world come along and witness their lives over a 18 day period as this adventure unfolds, when they lose their "anal virginity" together - On The Internet.


On August 11, 1998, at approximately 5:15pm Pacific Daylight Time, Diane had her rectum penetrated by Mike, and thus they both lost their anal virginity. It was very rewarding for both of them and they might even try it again in the near future. The transcript of the event will be available in a matter of days, so be sure to return then.




Copyright © 1998, All Rights Reserved

For Your Information

Anal sex is not dangerous if performed properly. Diane and Mike are played by trained professionals, and will be performing with a full staff of healthcare providers on-site. We do not recommend that you try ass-pounding yourself unless you are properly trained, you are a healthcare provider, your partner is a healthcare provider, or your partner is deceased or imaginary.

We do recommend, before having sex with someone for the first time, that you get really drunk. This will make them seem more attractive. If that doesn't work, try a mild hallucinogen, although this may interfere with sexual performance even more than alcohol does.

Above all, have fun - even if someone gets hurt, try to be certain it isn't you.