Internet Entertainment Group

Why is IEG doing this?

Thank you for witnessing history as two young American adults express their artistic freedom while losing their virginity on the Internet by buttfucking each other.

The Letter C And The Number 4, Inc. ("C4") agreed to host the Our First Anal Sex web site, free of any charge, because it shares certain ideals with the couple featured on the site. C4 is passionate about the right of corporate individuals to make money from people who want to see other people going at it in every way possible, including with farm animals. A couple who want to fuck each other is a good start, and people wanting to watch them fucking is even better. This is the ultimate expression of our corporate individuality.

Our First Anal Sex is not a pornographic web site, even though it will become graphically, even clinically detailed. Our First Anal Sex decided to partner with C4 because C4 agreed to give the producers not only free bandwidth, but a big wad of money under the table, and lots of whores to boot. C4 is honored to bring this inaugural event to the Internet in the name of free corporate expression.

C4 specializes in creating and publishing news, entertainment, and information of a nature that we would call pornographic if that wouldn't get us in trouble in some jurisdictions. It is the company that brought you sites like "We Fucked Your Mother", "Horny Teenage Girls Masturbating Purebred Dogs," and "Hot Chix and Fat Guyz," as well as exclusive stories about the private lives of the US Senators you love to see naked! Please click the banner below for a list of C4's most profitable corporate propaganda sites.

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