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Choices – our lives are filled with a daily series of choices. Some are ordinary and some will effect us the rest of our life, or until we forget about them. You even theoretically have the choice on whether or not to view this website. The problem is, there’s no guarantee what will happen depending on the "choices" we make. The manner in which we handle the consequences of our choices is what molds our character. Diane and Mike have made a "decision" to slowly, grindingly fuck each other for the first time. That in itself is not unusual, but the use of the Internet makes it unusual. And the use of Diane's ass. They are firm in their conviction to make this point –

"The LIVE masturbation of that girl on the Internet was a beautiful event. We want to show that the act of ass-fucking, which is equally sexually stimulating, is just as beautiful - and nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you're getting paid."

If we all think back, I’m sure there was a time where we were focused and passionate about something. Most likely this had something to do with getting off. Most people, spineless protozoa that they are, will not act on their convictions because of the pressure from peers and society and the threat of getting caught and jailed, and then perhaps being anally raped against their will. For Diane and Mike to stand up for their beliefs under this kind of pressure, makes me feel better about our younger generation and the future leadership of our society, blah blah blah. It’s time to generate a change in repressive attitudes, and some change in my personal financial situation. It’s their time.


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Due to the fact that we want to extract every tiny bit of milky consumer goodness from this website, we are going to look at the pictures all by ourselves and masturbate while we attach electrodes to our ass and to our nipples, letting shiny electrical current course through our bodies, bringing us higher and higher on the plane of ecstasy towards death, the ultimate orgasm. We hope you understand.
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